After spending a few days with world leading Functional Medicine practitioner Dr. Bob Rakowski, I am reminded again of how important it is to get the basics right.  His mantra…

You’ve got to Eat, Drink, Think, Move, Talk, Sleep and Poop right.

You’ve got to EAT clean produce consisting of a wholesome and if possible, organic source of protein, Omega 3 rich fats, unrefined carbohydratesfruit and vegetables containing all colours of the rainbow.  The quantity and ratio will vary somewhat depending on the person’s physique and goals and we can calculate that.

You’ve got to DRINK healthy liquid that is not laden with unneccery kilojoules and toxicity.  The quantity will vary depending on the person’s size and activity and we can calculate that.

You’ve got to THINK and TALK healthy and nourishing thoughts.  A big take home here was his mantra to love everything and to zealously inspect all that comes in.

You’ve got to MOVE right.  As coaches we need to consider not only the person’s training goal but also their current physiological capacity to reach that goal.  We are extreme specialists in this area and while we are more than capable of taking someone through the rigor of HIIT Training, Power Training, Giant Sets, Drop Sets and Pyramid Sets it might not initially be the most appropriate approach for everybody.  Instead, a longer term periodised approach might be beneficial where we work on a foundation of aerobic capacity, mobility and technique.  The quote ‘the wider the base, the higher the peak‘ (author unknown) speaks volumes here.

You’ve got to SLEEP right.  If there is one supplement I work on most with my clients,!  Getting the right amount of sleep is paramount in any training program as it sets up a good balance of Parasympathetic (Rest and Digest) Vs Sympathetic (Fight and Flight) neural tone, leading the way for effective gut health, chemical signalling to the brain, blood sugar balance and decision making throughout the day.

Last but not least and yes, it is a coincidence that this is last… You’ve got to POOP right.  I believe the next big thing will be the gut microbiome as the gut flora essentially dictate the health of the individual. If you are not pooping right it is a given that you are not digesting and absorbing your nutrient intake well and delivering it to where it is needed throughout your body.  This ultimately leads to a reduction in health, day to day function and performance!

Our quest as coaches is forged over many years and decades and if there is one thing I highly value it is delving deeper into the rabbit hole with further education to get our clients to their goal quickly and sustainably.

Yours in health and fitness,