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We believe food is one of the greatest enjoyments in life and aim to blend that enjoyment with the requirements of your goals. Appropriate nutrition intake is one of our pillars of success and nutrition coaching with HFP is highly personalised to you.

It can be a basic approach to begin with or it can be highly detailed if you are willing.

Whatever you are ready for, if you absorb information like an encyclopaedia, we are your experts. If you just want boxes to tick, we have that formula too.

Why do Health and Fitness Progressions include nutrition planning?

When it comes to health and fitness, HFP are passionate about looking at the holistic solution. Nutrition is a significant contributor to health performance development and improvement. It’s not just aiming for low fat or the latest keto diet technique, it is about optimising your body to compliment your training and that can vary greatly depending on your current body composition and your goal.

From weight loss to building muscle mass, your individualised nutrition planning can be vastly different from one person to the next.


What does a nutrition consult and analysis involve?

For beginner to immediate clients, we ascertain and coach towards a healthy frequency and volume of meals. We look at the type of meal content and ensure that you are ticking the boxes you need to tick.

We help you prepare your plate and coach you in how to form your meals. We will show you how two, three or four meals a day will contribute to your training goal and compliment your lifestyle in a sustainable and goal oriented way.

HFP understand it might be too much all at once and if your lifestyle requires a more lenient approach, we make small changes systematically and adjust the nutrition planning, keeping a healthy balance for you.

For the advanced client, we scale it up. We begin to look at the daily calorie intake, macronutrient volumes and timings required to meet your goal.

When someone’s goals demand a rigorous approach, we advocate calorie counting because what can be measured can be managed. To the surprise of many, we are often suggesting a higher nutrition intake before entering calorie deficits. Advanced meal coaching strategies can occur daily or even twice a day.


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The benefits of including nutrition planning in your personal training

At HFP we see appropriate nutrition intake as one of the fundamental pillars of change. 

You don’t have to figures this out on your own!  All coaches are experienced to work with their clients on healthy meal plans.  Plus, HFP coaches collaborate with each other in weekly meetings at our Melbourne CBD location to ensure you get all the elite experience of nutrition coaching with HFP.

Other benefits include:

  • Save time – by managing your healthy meal plans in advance.
  • Peace of mind – that you are targeting the right foods and portions.
  • Save money – you won’t be hungry.  You won’t find yourself purchasing unnecessary additional snacks during your day.
  • Positive outlook – adopting recommendations, reduces the tendency to reach for unhealthy options to fill the gaps, you will immediately feel the difference in how your body operates.
  • More variety – healthy food is more than just fruit and veg.
  • Sense of pride – ticking your healthy nutrition boxes, will give you ownership of your goals and you will noticeably feel different and happier.
  • Reduce stress – healthy eating, aids your body to perform as it should, reducing inflammation and other stress causing concerns.

The nutrition planning Process

Nutrition assessment will be an integral part of your initial plan. Together with your coach you will develop nutrition habits that compliment your personal training goals.

Pen to paper is where it starts. HFP will provide you with a nutrition habit tracker, a booklet with daily goals. This helps us identify where you are at personally with compliancy and accountability.

Cheat sheets are a great source of easily digestible information to focus on your personalised plan, whatever your goal is.

We focus on the value of nutrient rich food sourced from mother nature, that has little to no contamination and processing. Functional use of natural foods can significantly improve your body’s performance

Your coach will be regularly checking in with your nutrition habits and assessing how your modified approach to healthy eating is contributing to your goal. Your coach will review and offer continual guidance on how to plan meals and what should be added or reduced.

What’s next?

You’ve sought out the elite in personal training in Melbourne CBD, you’re serious in committing to change, so let’s blueprint your plan, using training excellence, science-based research and healthy eating plans.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your health and fitness goals and what you are looking for in a personal trainer.

Nutrition Coaching FAQ's

Nutrition advice can be as basic or as detailed as you are willing to undertake. You may be a beginner and need to learn terms like macronutrients. Or perhaps you are looking to activate nutrition to perform at optimum levels. Either way, our coaches are experienced and well equipped to take at journey with you.

We begin the process by learning about your history with nutrition, successes and failures, food you like and dislike and much more.

From here we will want to understand how you currently eat and then coach you on how to modify your eating habits to help you achieve your body composition goal. This information can range from basic coaching on how to form a healthy meal and nutrition planning to achieve your goal to a more detailed calorie and macronutrient requirement approach.

We will then want to ensure that things are heading in the right direction and will regularly review and assess your progress in as much detail as you like.

We live in an information rich society where information on any nutrition topic is only a key stroke away, however this information often provides little to no context and adaptability for you and your goals.

Many people consequently experience confusion, anxiety and insecurity around what they eat, in fear that they might become unhealthy or put on too much weight.

Having a nutrition coach can cut through this confusion and guide you on the right path with information specific to your baseline and to your goals.

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