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Health and Fitness Progressions is one of the best personal training facilities you will find in the CBD of Melbourne. We train people who are ready…ready to make real change.

At HFP we don’t just lift weights. We view the body from a holistic perspective, and we recognise that getting you to your goal requires more than just a membership.

You are well on your way through your fitness journey, or maybe you are just starting out and mainstream gyms are just not your thing. You are serious about making change, you want a personalised program, a fitness trainer you can relate to, someone who is passionate about prescribing the best techniques, the best strategies for you.

HFP will challenge you, push your training to the next level, educate you to achieve effective results, and most importantly, we will champion you all the way.

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Why is HFP the best personal training studio in Melbourne?

When it comes to health and fitness, we are passionate about making sure you succeed. We look at you as a whole, analyse your goals, your training journey, your lifestyle and what is stopping you from getting there?

Our world-class personal trainers demonstrate specialised knowledge and extensive experience in the fitness and wellness industry. Each go above and beyond the minimum training and education standards, with genuine passion driving them to continually advance their knowledge base.

HFP’s success stems from decades of experience of its personal trainers. Our trainers are high achievers with backgrounds in competing at state and international levels in sports and athletics.

Our team consists of female and male professionals with the knowledge and know-how to drive focused training with 20 through to 87 year old clientele!

HFP personal trainers understand the bigger picture of life that comes with working and living in the CBD. We can work with your high demands, high pressure jobs and lifestyles, helping you to reach your desired level of health and fitness.

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What to expect?

We are your one stop shop to achieving your goal, catering to anyone who is serious about making change in general health and fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and body composition. Our Myotherapy services also compliment our clients’ journey as they progress through their training programs or rehabilitate from musculoskeletal injuries.

We are a private club offering one-on-one or two-on-one fitness training in the CBD of Melbourne. Unlike large group models, we are focused on specialising for individual personal training needs…we have a limited membership and it’s not about churning the masses through the door.

The one consistent factor in our clients’ needs is that in order to achieve their goal, a multidisciplinary approach is required. HFP specialise in exactly this and will make your goal a reality!

What does personal training look like at HFP?

Our one-on-one or two-on-one personal training sessions are a 60-minute duration.

Your coach will be matched to you. They will have likeminded interests and a shared passion in your goals. They will specialise in what you need, to achieve your desired outcome.

Your workouts, nutrition coaching and training plans are customised to you, your needs, and your lifestyle.

Our client’s gaols vary from increasing strength and muscle mass, to losing body fat, improving sporting and life performance goals, rehabilitation and just simply feeling healthier.

The benefits of personal training with HFP

While HFP offers exclusive personal training where you work with one coach, you effectively have the oversight and knowledge of our entire team. At HFP, our coaches meet weekly to discuss client results and workshop points needing improvement. We value an all-team consultative approach to your needs to guarantee your success.

The guarantee of success is not only in your accountability but in the accountability of our personal trainers. Each step along the way is an opportunity to give and receive feedback, adjust and tweak your exclusive training plan to ensure you accomplish the results that you are looking for.

The Process

Your individualised journey starts with our experienced coaches taking the time to unpack your personal training goals.

We find your entry point and will tailor your health and fitness plan to facilitate your objectives.

Our questionnaire enables our coaches to understand your health and fitness baseline. We take time to understand your medical history, lifestyle stressors, sleep patterns and nutrition intake. We then look into your goals and your previous success and failures in being able to achieve those goals.

From there, we assess how you move and look for the delicate balance of tension and flexibility in the movement of your joints. Our goal in taking the time to see where you are at is to ensure we build a solid base that is sustainable for the long term as we take you through your progressions.

For people undertaking our 12-week program you can also expect a comprehensive body composition audit, movement assessment and similar exploratory session to establish your baseline. Body composition audits are regularly conducted in our 12-week programs to ensure effective change and facilitate further improvements.

In every session, our personal fitness trainers will chart, review and tweak your individualised training program to ensure a progressive overload without plateau.

Personal Training FAQ's

To effect real change a minimum of one personal training session per week is a good base. However, our personal trainers often prescribe multiple session that match your goals and lifestyle needs.

No, though our club suits committed individuals. You will have a goal that you are ready to give focus. Our passionate trainers will assess you in your current abilities and coach you to your desired outcome.

Personal training isn’t just lifting weights. Client goals are varied and that marries our philosophy of a personalised approach when it comes to your objectives.

To meet your goals, we offer one-on-one personal training experience in:

  • Mobility
  • Strength training
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Body composition analysis
  • Myotherapy for pain and injury management
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and stability
  • Resistance training
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Body fat reduction

With a span from five to 20 plus years experience, our team are experts in facilitating clients to reach their fitness goal. They also have personal experience performing at national and international levels in competitive sports and with people of all ages and walks of life.

Our clients are satisfied. HFP’s customer turnover is low, as once our clients experience the next level in personal training, they tend to stay. We credit this success to the highly personalised approach we model.

From a performance perspective, we have clients achieving sports performance goals at HFP, clients prepping to compete on stage and clients achieving increased muscle mass and reduced body fat levels for improved body composition.

From a healthy living and lifestyle perspective, we have helped 65+ year old clients progress from barely being able to get out of a chair to performing lunges with weights and without assistance. We also have an 87-year-old managing lifelong health conditions well enough that his doctor reduced his need for medications.

No matter what your goals are, how long you have been trying to achieve them, or what hurdles currently prevent you – HFP’s have the mechanisms in place to deliver best results. With a more efficient coaching style that is sustainable, with accountability in place for both clients and coaches, you will achieve results faster than you ever have before.

ES! As part of your customisation, we look to identify previous or current health concerns and cater to your needs. Our personal trainers will happily collaborate with our in-house Myotherapists and your doctors and specialists.

In every session our personal trainers will tweak one or more of the variables in your program, whether that be weight, reps, sets or tempo. Every few sessions your program will see a greater overhaul in exercises, repetition schemes and set systems in order to ensure progressive overload and to avoid plateau.

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