The HFP Journey

HFP has developed over 20 years experience in the trenches as an athlete and coach and in the books as a student.  The core philosophy behind HFP was born during Colin’s years as a National Team athlete, VIS Scholarship holder and State Team Captain.

A grueling training and playing schedule left him with two knee injuries that would potentially see the end of his run as a high achieving football player in the world game.  Forced out of the game for over three years and with much despair, he licked his wounds and hit the books hard to learn more about the body and how to improve performance.  Unbeknown to him, this would pave the way to a life-long passion for a better understanding in human function and performance development.

After finishing his degree as the top graduate, he completed a Diploma in Remedial Therapy and began seriously considering a career on the competitive sporting field again.  Biting the bullet with this newly acquired knowledge, Colin found himself playing professional football again in the Victorian Premier League and then in the National Soccer League.

With a growing client base and a new family approaching he decided to consolidate his efforts and redirect his energy to HFP in a full time capacity and has never looked back.

Today, HFP continues to relentlessly pursue knowledge and experience for the success of their dedicated clientele.  This would not be possible without its staff who are deliberately hand picked for their unrelenting pursuit for knowledge and shared philosophy in health, nutrition and lifestyle balance.